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The GEA Cow Mattress systems are the result of more than 20 years of experience.

Cow comfort and the cow's well-being are becoming increasingly important issues. The advantages from both an ethical and an economical perspective are obvious. A cow which lies comfortably chews more intensively and can also rest its hooves and legs. Mattress systems have to prevent slipping, above all else. This provides cows with a sense of safety when laying down and standing up. Furthermore, mattress systems also have to be durable and capable of withstanding years of intensive usage.


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DBS+ Mattress Systems

DBS Mattress

  • A pleasant texture for the cows' skin
  • Reinforced fibre for strength and flexibility
  • Industrial quality polypropylene (PP)
  • Supplied on rolls
  • Does not react to liquids
  • Mattress made of cost-effective PE foam
  • Extremely easy cleaning


Durasoft+ / Duracomfort Mattress Systems


  • A pleasant texture for the cows' skin
  • Reinforced fibre for strength and flexibility
  • Industrial-quality natural rubber – SBR (Styrene Butadiane Rubber)
  • Supplied on rolls
  • Does not react to liquids
  • Suitable for a mattress made of latex / PU-foam or cost-effective PE-foam.


Polysoft Mattress System

Polysoft Mat

  • A pleasant texture for the cows' skin
  • Reinforced, double fabric for strength and flexibility
  • Industrial quality PVC
  • Supplied on rolls
  • Resistant to liquids
  • Mattress made of latex/PU foam
  • Extremely easy cleaning


Sofmat® System

  • Duracushion underlayment – extremely soft and durable, the 1 1/4" EVA pad is 100% waterproof.
  • Easy to install – simply lay the individual Duracushion pads between the poly boards. A rubber insulation strip keeps the Duracushion away from the edge of the curb.
  • Softmat top cover – available in continous 5mm x 100 foot rolls. The top cover is made of heavy nylon scrim, molded into rubber – giving cows unbeatable traction while being non-abrasive.
  • Complete mounting system – the Sofmat System includes durable, poly boards to anchor to the concrete, and the screws and washers to anchor the rubber cover to the poly boards (in the front of the stalls and on the ends).

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Studflex Range of Matting

Studflex installed

Sturdy, durable, stable and cow friendly!

Not all rubber mats are the same!
The Studflex rubber matting range from GEA offers sturdy mats with excellent softness: durable, dimensionally stable and cow-friendly.
Suitable for cow yards, entry- and exit areas of rotary installations,
parlour floors, free stall lanes and feed pads.

The Studflex Range - advantages at a glance:

  • Rubber coverings for every application in and outside the parlour, especially developed for and optimally adapted to the particular demands.
  • Sturdy mats with excellent softness: durable, dimensionally stable and animal-friendly.
  • For slip-resistant walking and lying areas.
  • Fast and simple installation.
  • Optimal resilience, sinking in of the claw enhances slip-resistance.
  • It is easy to change single mats – system is easily extendable.
  • Natural rubber characteristics of thermal expansion are compensated by outstanding rubber quality and sophisticated joint design.
  •  5 year guarantee.

Studflex – flexible all-purpose matting


Matting for access ways, herringbone parlours and entry and exit areas of rotaries. Very flexible.


Studflex R – Matting for rotary platforms

Studflex R

Rubber matting especially designed for rotary platforms. It has an optimised trapezium shape to fit most rotary installations. Mats can be installed piece by piece between milking times.


Stuflex R – Custom

Studflex R Custom

Rubber matting tailor-made for any rotary platform.


Studflex E – Edging for Studflex matting, with sloped edge

Studflex E

Rubber mat edging, used to create a straight edge without cutting mats.


Studflex G – with Corundum for extra grip surface

Studflex G
Matting for localised places where further grip is needed (e.g. where the cow turns as it exits the parlour)


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