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We can supply and/or install a range of Plate Coolers/Heat Exchangers


GEA PHE Systems – Tailor-madeplate heat exchanger solutions

Every plate heat exchangerreflects our total dedication ...Pioneering creativity, passion and patienc formed the beginnings of our company development Commitment to research and project responsi-bility, precision working and profound engineer-ing expertise by the best qualified engineers and technicians, now in the third generation, continue this tradition and justify the quality of products and services from GEA PHE Systems.

Tailor-made solutions - At home in all fields

As the world‘s leading manufacturer and developer of plate heat exchanger technology we can offer one of the widest ranges on the market. Our product ranges include gasketed, brazed and fully welded plate heat exchangers. We also offer process-optimised model ranges, unique in their variety and diverse specialist functions. And this makes us the first choice when it comes to developing tailor-made solutions for your applications.All of the companies within GEA PHE Systems make above-average investments in research and development. Organisation and coordination of knowledge transfer within the group plays a leading role here to ensure that the core competence is safeguarded and developed further. And this is all to the direct benefit of our customers. Without our comprehensive R&D work it would be impossible to develop ever more powerful plates for new fields of application.

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Sondex plate

Sondex Heat Exchanger Systems


Sondex designs, manufactures and supplies quality plate heat exchangers and water pumps that are built to best practice industry standards, delivering reliability and exceptional performance.

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