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Mylo Pump Program

 Mylo Pump Program

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How it works?

We supply & install a pump application of MYLO into the feed system at your Rotary or Herringbone dairy.

If you feed MYLO to your whole milking herd for 12 months, then the pump systems becomes yours to keep.



Mylo is an Australian animal health innovation that boosts cow and calf health and productivity by adding active beneficial microbes to the animal’s microbiome.

Only Mylo...
- Is proven to actively reduce somatic cell count in lactating cows
- Boosts milk production from the same feed while increasing or maintaining animal weight
- Increases vitality and appetite in both cows and calves
- Helps calves wean earlier at higher weights
- Has results verified by the University of Queensland
- Lower herd management costs and improved gross margins

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What is it?

MYLO® is a liquid, live microbial feed supplement for cattle.  

The product contains three bacteria from the Lactobacillus genus and is designed to aid in building the population and activity of beneficial microbes in the gastrointestinal tract.  Calves supplemented with MYLO® may develop larger gastrointestinal organs and be heavier at weaning (or be weaned earlier). These observations have been made in a recent cornerstone study conducted independently by the University of Queensland.

Important productivity and commercial benefits for dairy and beef enterprises may arise from heavier weaning weights and improved development of the gastrointestinal organs from an early age. 

MYLO® is certified as an input for organic livestock production, in Australia and New Zealand, and is free of antibiotics and hormones. 

There is no withholding period associated with the use of this product.


The feeding rate for MYLO® is 10 mL per animal per day, targeting the gut microbiome.

MYLO® is to be consumed voluntarily by the animal, added to milk  using Doseatron type systems for feeding to calves.  MYLO® can also be added to mixed rations for older livestock - fed in the bale or TMR wagons.

For young animals, MYLO® can be added to feed from birth to weaning. For older cattle, feed MYLO® daily throughout lactation or during key growing periods.

Storage and Handling

Live microorganisms in MYLO® require specific storage conditions to ensure viability and performance.

Store at temperatures away from direct sunlight and in a well ventilated location.  Minimise temperature fluctuations and avoid freezing.

Replace the cap securely to minimise contamination.

Shelf life of 6 months applies to unopened containers, stored under specified conditions.


MYLO - Material Safety Data Sheet Mylo MSDS


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