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Provide a full range of services to you the customer, who are looking at work needing to be done in and around your dairy.

We specialize in GEA Farm Technologies(Westfaliasurge) Milking Equipment, from full installations of Rotary or Herringbone Dairies & upgrades.


  1. Full Dairy Shed and Milking Plant Design, Milk Metering Systems, Cow Heat Detection, Auto I.D and Drafting Systems, Touch Screens, Automatic Cluster Removers, Vacuum Pump and VOD Systems, Automatic Wash Systems, Pulsation Systems and Lots More.
  2. Full Servicing of all makes of dairies, 12 or 6 Monthly.
  3. 24-7 Emergency Breakdown Service.
  4. Rotary and Herringbone Feeds Systems, Tranfer Pencil Augers, Transportable Augers, Flighting, Accessories and Components.
  5. Milk Vats - Direct Expansion or - Chiller Systems, Plate Heat Exchangers.
  6. Automatic Calf Feeding Solutions, Concentrated Calf Feeders, Shed Design and Layouts.
  7. Chemicals, Acid Detergents, Alkaline Detergents, RTU -Teatspray, Concentrated-Teatspray, Ranging from 20ltr -1,000ltr Containers.
  8. General Welding Electric Arc and Mig, Stainless Steel Tig Welding, Steel Pipe Work for Dairy Yards, Dairy Bails, Feed Bins, Rump and Kick Rails.
  9. Dairy Consumables, Silicone and Rubber Liners, Rubber Milk and Air Tube, Rubber Fittings, Test Buckets, Aprons Gloves, Tail Paints, Brushes, Animals Care Products, Wash Down Equipment and Much More.
  10. Stockist for Teat Wands. We both supply and install these units.
  11. Sealed and Unsealed Grain Silo's, Feed and Seed Silo's, Elevated Silo's, Pellet Silo's, Field Bins, Superphosphate Silo's.
  12. Liquid Manure Spreaders and Tool Bars, Flood Wash Systems, Pumps and Valves for Flush Systems, Manure Pumps and Agitators, Electric Pumps for Dairy Manure, Free Stall Cleaner Systems, Pumps and Pontoons, Effulent and Manure Handling Equipment.
  13. Agent's for Lafert Electric Motors, We carry a full range of Electric Motors 1 -Phase, 3 -Phase, from 0.55Kw through too 100 Kw, Contact us for more info.
  14. Agent's for Northern Dairy Equipment (UK). We carry a wide range of Teat Scrubber parts to suit both drive cable and Compressed Air units. We both supply and install.
  15. We stock a wide range of Milking Gloves manufactured by Shoof & Black Shield.
  16. Stockists for many brands such as Afikim, Alfa, Boumatic, Burket, Milkaware, Dairymaster, Dairy King, Packo, Yardmaster, Yardblaster, Mono, Waikato... just to name a few!
24/7 Breakdown Service
24/7 Breakdown Service
Delivery Truck
Delivery Truck
Loyalty Customer Program
Loyalty Customer Program
Milk Machine Services
Milk Machine Services

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